I am trying to install a new harddrive into my NW6.5sp5 server. This drive
will be outside of the current raid. I established a new virtual disk in
the bios of my Dell 2900. But when I try to establish a new volume after
scanning for new devices in Imanager it shows only 2 gig of space available.
(the drive is 73 gig, the dell bios show it at 69 gig). I had pulled the
drive out of a machine I was playing with that I loaded VM esx onto. (it
was part of a 3 drive Raid with two 36 gig drives (that is the way the
server came). I initialized the drive in the bios screen. Am I not seeing
the drive at all (the 2 gig available is left over from my existing drives)
or am I only seeing a portion of the drive?

Thank you,