I have installed BM 3.8 on a NW654a SBS server today. I chose to
activate http and FTP proxies and packet filtering. There was a message
during the install regarding failure to install the iManager snapin
because it couldn't find the PortalServlet.properties file (which
doesn't exist on this server or any of the other three servers in the tree).

During the subsequent re-boot, the server came to almost a stop just
after opening the bindary, displaying this message about every 15
seconds: "TIMESYNC: Waiting for TCPIP to initialize". After a couple of
minutes the server continues to load but it isn't possible to login to
it and "BRDSRV: Waiting for directory partitions to synchronize"
messages appear on the console periodically.

Is there a fix for broken TCPIP after installing BM? The TCPIP files
seems to have the correct timestamps and sizes.