I need to install several one-server networks, each supporting a small number of users (<= 40), including file & print services, DNS/DHCP, and BorderManager. Since I have to do this on a single box, and BorderManager is still NetWare-only, my choices as I see them are:

1) Install NetWare, tried-and-true, as the only OS, and run BorderManager. (I've done this in the past.)

2) Install OES2 with Xen support, install BorderManager in a Netware VM; let OES handle all the other chores.

3) Install SLES 10 (or 11?) with Xen support, run both OES and BM in virtual machines.

If BorderManager were available on Linux (here's hoping), it would be a no-brainer; but for the moment that's not an option. All the above products are licensed, so there's no difference in cost that way.

Opinions, please on the best way to proceed? Thanks.