after installing BorderManager etc. I want to set up an own webserver for my
firm. I have no idea which OS to choose. If I took Netware 6.5 (with Apache)
I don't really see the benefit, because the I'd to install the webserver
into our DMZ, so no connection between the webserver and the NDS will exist
(If I understand that one right).

The product list of Novell Linux is very long and I'm not really the linux
expert. But what is the best solution for a webserver? I'd like to use PHP
and MySQL e. g. which will work whith Netware too. So I can choose between
the following:

-SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
-SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
-Novell Netware 6.5 SP5
-SUSE Linux
-Novell Linux Desktop

Really confusing for a non-linux-man... ;)
Who can help? Thanks for your suggestions...