NW 6.5.5, BM 3.8. A problem about which I have inquired here before has
now spread to my laptop. Another laptop, also running XPsp2, and
configured like every other workstation on our small LAN, loads client
trust as part of the login script, with a drive mapped to the BM public
folder. However, client trust is never accessed and BM requires manual
login frequently in the course of any internet session, rendering
internet access essentially useless.

Several weeks ago, just to make sure that the communication problem lay
in the box rather than the LAN, I booted my own laptop at the site of
the non-connecting one; as I expected, I had no trouble connecting with
my computer.

Then, last week I took my laptop/workstation on the road, as I have many
times in the past. I accessed the net at a hotel by paying a fee - no
alteration was made to net access settings on the machine or in the
browser. Upon returning to my office, I discovered that my laptop now
has the same problem as the other one described above. No firewall is
present on either machine.

Two questions:

1. How do I increase the time BM will maintain a connection without
requesting another login? In other words, although it would be irksome,
as long as we only have to login manually once a day, we can live with
the problem. I increased the Idle Server Persistent Connection Timeout
setting in BM Setup in Netware Administrator to 8 hours, but BM still
continuously requests login within minutes of logging in.

2. Any ideas what is causing this problem and how to fix it?