I'm currently running Novell 6.5sp7 servers along with Windows 2003 R2 ones.
To get these two environments to sync passwords and the such I could
implement IDM. Because I purchased my Netware so long ago, and haven't been
on any kind of subscription program, I understand that the cost to implement
IDM is 100 IDM licences.

Shortly, as in the next week or so, I will start migrating our physical
servers to VMWare. At this time I could do either a straight
physical-to-virtual migration, or I could install Netware 6.5 sp8 or the
latest OES Linux version and do a data migration from the physical novell
servers to the virtual ones.

My questions relate to licensing of the server product, and of IDM
1) If I install OES Linux into my existing tree as part of a data migration,
will I need to purchase OES Linux licences to supplement or replace my
Netware ones?
2) For Netware 6.5 IDM was an add-in product purchased separately. Does the
latest version of OES include IDM or an equivalent product?

I look forward to your response.