Ahh ****... Can anyone explain why I have gotten this error? this is the
second error of this type in the last couple of weeks. I couldn't find any
TIDS or forum posts on this error the first time it occurred. I did run a
pool verify which reported errors and then I ran a poolrebuild which fixed
the errors with some lost data (21 files, 12MB). A second pool verify found
no further errors or warnings.

The volume does not dismount, everything continues to 'work' but I'm not
sure if I can trust the pool, or the disks or the host.

If you have either knowledge of what exactly this error represents, or if
you know what steps I can take to find out what the source of the problem is
I'd love to hear about it.

The only file activity that I can definatively point to occuring at the time
was a cron job that executes trustee.nlm :
07/14-17:05:00 load trustee /D /A save all apps:\system\trustees.csv

According to the timestamp on the file it finishe writing at 5:11pm. So the
error occurred right near the start of the file creation process. It
overwrites the existing file, and it does this every day.

7-14-2009 5:06:43 pm: COMN-3.27-178 [nmID=A0020]
NSS-2.70-5009: Pool N02/APPS had an error
(20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block 60867455(file block -60867455)(ZID

7-14-2009 5:06:43 pm: COMN-3.27-180 [nmID=A0022]
NSS-2.70-5008: Volume N02/APPS had an error
(20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block 60867455(file block -60867455)(ZID

The environment is as follows:
1. NetWare 6.5sp8 with post sp8 nss patch

2. NetWare is running in an ESX 3.5u4 build 153xxx vm with 1 vCPU, ~5GB RAM,
e1000 nic, lsi virtual scsi hba which is accessing two raw device mapped
luns of 1.8TB each combined into a single pool with a single volume (APPS).

3. Each of the two rdm luns are 4 WD RE3 1TB drives in a RAID10 array hosted
on a CoRAID SR2461 storage shelf which is connected back to the ESX server
via a 10GbE hba and HP6400 10GbE switch.

4. Services hosted on the NetWare server are : ZDM 7 sp1 ir3a, iManager
2.7.2, eDir ftf1.

Thanks for any insight you have!