I just wanted to ask if this scenario was possible before calling tech

I have a network with five servers 1 BM 3.8 NW 6.5 server, 1 windows
server, two NW 6.5 servers and one NW 6.0 server. I have two nic's in
the BM server one with a public address aa.bb.17.187 and one with a
private address I have a web server set up on the BM
server that is accessable from outside if the correct port number is
specified. Internally I have a web server set up on the NW 6.0 server
and on the windows server. I would like to be able to put links on the
BM web servers page that made it possible for the two internal web
servers to be accessed from the outside. So far I haven't been able to
do this. When the BM web server is accessed internally the links work
fine, but when it is accessed externally it times out.

If anyone knows if what I want to do is possible please let me know.

Debby Brooks