Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to disable the Zen workstation agent processing Windows Group Policy settings at the workstation end ?. Perhaps a special registry key exists to do this similar to the "DLUallow" one ?.

Our organisation is currently using Novell Netware 6.5 and Zenworks v6.5. However, recently a new Microsoft AD system has been introduced into our environment that will be used for a number of departments....

The issue is that when we add our workstations to this AD domain the Group Policy settings applied via AD and those applied via Zenworks seems to be conflicting.

We would prefer that workstations attached to the AD only receive GP settings from AD... However, we would still like to maintain the existing software deployment and Remote Control functionality of Zenworks (so just switching off workstation mgr service isn't a solution).

I am aware that if we identify the relevant workstations we could move their object to a new container we then configure a Zenworks policy without GP settings for them... However, we are in a very large widely distributed organisation so it would be a much easier for us to just make a workstation-end fix for IT support people.

Thanks for any advice.