I'm hoping someone can help with a cifs error I'm experiencing with OES 2 SP1 Linux. I'm trying to configure cifs to share an NSS folder. When trying to create a share in iManager I am getting an error Error: Storage Error Missing or invalid directory path for the CIFS share. ,which appears to be a NSS error.

I've tried to search on this error, and all I can find is that it is an NSS error with a code of 22101

If I try and create it using the novcifs commandline I get the following error
Adding share point is failed
Error : Adding Share to Volume List is failed. , Error Number: 2

After initially configuring cifs, all seemed OK. However when I try and modify/create any shares I get the above error and cifs no longer works. The daemon still runs.

The server seems to be healthy, edirectory running, serving files via NSS to clients OK, iprint OK etc. This (and others) server has had it's volume contents migrated from a Netware 6.5 SP6 server using the Novell Migration wizard on the OES2 SP1 Yast server console. We didn't migrate any "identity" as such. The destination server was it's own new server entity and IP address in it's own right. Once the source server was removed from eDirectory and shut down, the destination server had it's IP changed changed to be that of the source server.

The cifs daemon is running, and from what I can see is configured correctly. I have had a SR open with Novell but they haven't been able to fix it yet. Their latest recommendation was for me to set up a test scenario and migrate from netware to OES Linux and note down every version, see if it breaks and submit the results/versions to them. The SR is currently on hold as I haven't the resources to go through the rigmoral of setting up the test scenario and note version etc at this stage (I'll do that as a last resort). It may be that the files coming from a netware server, cause a problem on a OES2 Linux server with cifs?

I do have a working Novell cifs server. This server has nss volumes which weren't migrated from a netware server. cifs on this server works well. I have compared config files, iManager config, Yast OES Config and they both match.

I have also tried another ldaps server in the cifs config, but no luck. I fully patched the server from the update channel last night (edir 885 etc), and it worked and could delete/add shares until I restarted the daemon. Once restarted it fails with the above error.

I'll try a restart of the server and see if works again until I restart the daemon.

Does anyone have any ideas?