Hey all,
Having problems getting my Domain Collection Server running in our ZAM Enterprise environment.
Domain server has been rebuilt and by itself appears to be working fine.
I have it communicating back to the central ZAM server and both my "Collection Server" and "Task Server" services are up and running.
However when I log into the ZAM Manager and look for the status of the 2 services, the "Collection Server" status is "stopped" and the "Task Servers" status is "Started"
When I try and start the "Collection Server" nothing happens, the status stays steady as "Stopped". It doesn't appear to even try to start.
From my domain server, if i restart the "Collection Server" service, i see the status in the ZAM Manager Console change from "Stopped" to "Unavailable" then back to "Stopped" again.
Same process on the "Task Server" service results in the ZAM Manager status changing from "Started" to "Unavailable" back to "Started" again.
Does anyone have any ideas as to where i should start to troubleshoot this?
Server was working a year back when i first configured it, I left the company for ~1 year and have returned to the server in this broken state. No one knows what happened. I have since rebuilt the server and am still getting the same issues.
I have confirmed with the Central IT Team that other Domain "Collection Servers" are functioning correctly.