Hi All,

Does anyone have a more in-depth explanation of what PARTFIX /M is actually supposed to achieve please? Reading various TIDs and forum comments, I believe it is supposed to clean up a previously mirrored pair to report back as a single drive again once the mirror has been broken and one of the pair removed.

I am aiming to use NSS mirroring to move data from one SAN to another using the following sequence:-

1. Create mirror from existing partition on "old" SAN on "new" SAN using NSSMU (no problem here). Can see new RAID entry in NSSMU, and drilling down shows partitions on each SAN as expected.

2. Once mirroring is complete, take partition [LUN] on "old" SAN off-line. NSSMU now shows part of mirror as off-line, as expected.

3. In NSSMU, delete off-line partition from mirror set. OK so far.

4. Now run PARTFIX /M to "fix" mirror object.

This is where I get a bit confused. Once I have run partfix /m the mirror object reports all present and 100% in sync...... but I was under the impression that partfix /m was able to actually remove the mirror set and return the remaining partition to a "single" state, is this correct?

Incidentally, if I reboot the server after running partfix /m the original mirror object seems to come back in its "broken" state - although I need to follow this up further to confirm.

Any pointers please?