I have recently made a new standard image for 150 of my workstations, using ZfD 6.5 SP2 Imaging.

Everything works fine, and i usually build on one machine, and test the restore on another.

I decided to finetune the services, disabling those that i don't need. One of those unneeded services is the System Restore Service.

One problem though: once i disable system restore service, and then make an image, any restore to another workstation of that type, and EVEN the machine i BUILT it on, will goto the WIndows XP splash screen and then reboot (ending up in an infinite reboot loop).

Tested 100s of ways: On = works fine, off= doesnt work.

The weird thing is: the machine i BUILT it on, will keep working flawlessly, UNLESS i restore its own image.....

Any tips?