ist it possible to connect to a bm38 in a DMZ, the internet firewall is an
cp1, and there is a dmz , so we want to insert the BM3.8 in the dmz, he
should work for VPN access.

the bordermanager should have only on nic, that is standing in the DMZ.

should i configure the cpfw1 to NAT to the bordermanager in the DMZ to
make a VPN access possible, now so i must configure the cpfw1 too to allow
VPN Connect to the PRIVATE net too.

can i give the BM ( working only loke VPN Server ) 3 IP adresses, one for
NAT ( public site ) one for DMZ ( Nat to CPFW1 Private site ) and one for
the VPN Tunnel? all three IP adresses on one NIC ?

must the whole firewall installation to be done on the bordemanager, or
only a vpn server installation to be done on the server ?

the server should allowed twenty connections for notebooks from the
internet to connect to the intranet.

any ideas