I have zdm running on SLES10sp2 with OES2sp1 box. When I created an
application object using consoleone, it crashed consoleone immediately
once I click common tab>file rights or imaging. But if I click the rest
of sub menu under common tab, it seems fine. I know that it has
something to do with ZENworks desktop management. I rebooted the server
with zdm running several times but has no luck.

Also I noticed that in consoleone if I tried to open the properties of
inventory service_servername object, I got the error saying "unable to
read the existing dictionary path. Enter the path to the dictionary
files and also verify whether you have sufficient rights to access the
share created for this path on the inventory server". After I click
close, it straightly went to software inventory configuration>dictionary
settings. If I click the tab of inventory service object>inventory
service object properties, it pops up the error saying " unable to read
the existing shared directory. The scan directory path is not modified.
Lon in as administrator".

I would appreciate it very much if someone can give me some advise on
this issue.

Thank you very much!