Have 2 NW65sp4 servers on small lan. We are using 10.251.12.xxx
addresses as this is assigned range by our ISP (we have to accept this).
One server at, the other at The workstations
dynamically recieved ip addresses, again, the ISP provided this service,
and browsers were set for direct connection to the internet.

To control internet access we installed a second NIC binding (on the server that was using on the other
NIC). The idea being to use BM on this server to control access by
forcing selected workstations to use as a http proxy in
the browsers. This NIC would also be connected to the network.

After installing BM3.8 the servers no longer communicate, and I can no
longer connect to the server from a workstation. Pinging
requests timeout. I removed the start bordermanager and load/bind
statements in the autoexec.ncf for the NIC, rebooted,
still no luck. Help! I need to get the server back on the lan!