I did a print migration from NW 6.5 SP7 to OES 2 SP1 linux. It said it completed but with errors. On first look, everything seemed fine. But now I found that if I manage the Print Manager and go into Printer Agents --> Tasks and look at the 'edir object name' some of the printers have the old printer name (i.e. printer_nw.printers.company). There were 21 printers migrated in this run and 4 have the _nw objects assigned to them. If I try to manage those printers I get an error saying "Invalid Object: The selected object is not a valid type for this property book. ". Whilst, the other printers (without the _nw) are fine. Also, I looked it consoleone all of the new printer objects have been created. It just seems that the manager has the old edir names assigned to some printers.

I know I can just recreate those printers and thatd care of it, but Id rather not. Is there any way to change the "edir object name" in the manager that points to the printers?