Hi all, I am having trouble adding a new server to my ZCM10 Zone. I get the message in the title when I am installing the software and configuring it for the existing Zone.

I currently have two servers, installed using the internal certificate authority. I installed the first server (primary) and then the second (secondary). A short time later I had to rebuild (uninstall/reinstall) the first (primary) server. I did not export the cert key pair before rebuilding.

Now when I try to run the ZMAN certificate-authority commands on server 1 I get the message, this command can only be executed when the ZENWorks Internal Certificate Authority is used. On server 2 I can't do anything with the cert commands because it does not contain the cert key pair.

What are my options? My Zone has about 50 managed devices and we are in the pilot phase of a roll out.