I was troubleshooting a dns problem with a new internal windoze server,
and came across something puzzling. my bm3.8 server can't seem to
resolve the names of any internal servers. The first dns server listed
in its resolv.cfg is the ip address of our internal NW6.5 spk5 dns
server. our ISP's dns servers are listed second and third.
If I try to ping one of our internal netware servers with just its
hostname, BM can't resolve it. If I type in the
"fqdn"..."server.internaldomain.mycompany.com" , it resolves it and
pings ok.
So I was wondering if this is a "netware" thing, so I tried it from
another netware server. same thing...it doesn't seem to assume "local
domain"...even though the local internal domain and local dns server
are configured.

however, the other NW servers seem to be able to resolve workstation
names, and it figures out that they're on the local domain, as well.
So I can ping "workstation" from another netware server, and it yeilds
"workstation.internaldomain.mycompany.com". Still can't resolve server
names, though. I don't understand why there would be a difference.
The servers are all listed in the dns zone with fixed ip
addresses...how can it tell the difference?

I checked all the hosts files and resolv.cfgs...nothing out of place,

The problem is that sometimes IE seems to want to go through the proxy
to access internal resources, even if you tell it not to, and I'm
wondering if that is causing intermittant problems with users unable to
get to certain webpages on an internal server.
I do have dns proxy running, which probably isn't necessary. I wonder
if that's causing confusion. That should still use the bordermanager
server's ip settings for dns, though, (shouldn't it?), which say to
"check the local dns server first".