Because of odd errors and unpredictable behavior on managed devices serviced by a particular satellite server, we recently removed the satellite from the zone and plan to rebuild it completely.

The zone is at 10.2 and the satellite is running on SLES10SP2.

Now what we are noticing is that all managed devices deployed by this server can no longer install any bundles that were created before the removal of the satellite. The messages basically state that the content is unavailable and reference the guid. Using zac to clear cache or perform a full refresh has no effect.

This makes sense in a way as the satellite with the content is no longer there and the devices were configured with closest server rules to use it for content, but the ZCC seems to indicate that the satellite was removed cleanly. In this case shouldn't the managed devices revert to the default closest server rules and retrieve the content from a primary?

We plan to immediately deploy the newly rebuilt satellite and would be thrilled if that would resolve the issue. I'm not sure how that will work out.

If that doesn't work, I'm wondering if it will be necessary to re-image (they were recently deployed) or if I would be able to create a bundle to delete the entire local workstation content cache and refresh?

Any suggestions?