Here's my current situation:

I'm currently running GroupWise 8 on a Netware 6.5 SP6 box (server1) that has our primary domain and poa. I'm also running a second server (server 2) which is a Netware 6.5 SP6 box that has a secondary domain, GWIA, webaccess, and calendar publishing all installed on it. Server2 does not have it's own poa - it's primary function is to serve as a relay to the internet for server1.

Here's where I would like to be:

One server running SLES 10 SP2/OES2 SP1 that has a single domain, POA, GWIA, webaccess, and calendar publishing.

I think I have two options to get it this way. Here's the choices I think I have and some of their pros and cons:

  1. Migrate the domain and poa from server1 to the new server. Since I want to get rid of the secondary domain, I would probably just create a new GWIA/webaccess/calendar publishing linked to the existing domain (I don't think I can migrate the GWIA from one domain to another - I may be wrong, but it probably is just as easy to recreate it from scratch since it doesn't really contain user's data).

    Pros: Don't have to worry about "moving" users as they should still belong to the poa after it's moved.

    Cons: Stuck with any legacy settings that have been part of the domain/poa for a really long time now, including where the objects are located in eDirectory. Not sure what all I will have to do to break it from the secondary domain that it's using to relay to the internet since it will be going away.

  2. Create a brand new domain and poa with all the accoutrements on the new server then move the users from the existing poa to the new poa.

    Pros: Gets a clean slate - able to specify more appropriate eDirectory locations for the objects

    Cons: Have to then move all the users from the exisiting POA to the new poa.

Any suggestions on what route to take? I'm leaning toward option 2 unless someone can give me a really good reason not to go that route.

Also, the new server will need to end up having the same IP address as server2. Well, okay, it doesn't HAVE to have the same IP address, it just will make things a lot easier as i won't have to go around and re-configure a dozen different devices that have the IP address hard coded for SMTP relay (yeah, I probably need to go around and configure DNS on those devices and setup SMTP to use a DNS hostname, but I haven't yet). I've found a couple of articles on changing the IP address of an OES2 server (TID 3201067 and Changing an OES2 Server's IP Address). This should allow me to keep my email flowing a bit longer than having to remove server2 before even installing SLES/OES on the new server.