I've hit a wall trying to migrate from a NW6.0.5 server to a NW65 VM running on ESXi.

I can't get time to synchronize on the Pre-migration VM. (separate, idependent tree) I have a Single Timesync Server on the network and the nearly 30 other secondary servers in the main tree point to it are in sync.

At one point, after leaving it alone overnight, I came in to find it sync'd, but I had to reboot it and it never sync'd again.

I've since rebuilt the Pre-Migration server, after finding TIDs suggesting that I should avoid going migrating directly to eDir 8.8 The current Pre-Mig server has been rebuilt using NW65SP6 Overlay (eDir

So far, I've rebuilt the VM, repaired timestamps and declared a new Epoch, reloaded Timesync.nlm on both the Pre-Migration and the Single timeserver, used patience and manually adjusted the time as close as possible.

What I find curious is that the delta appears to stay relatively constant. (at what I can figure is about 9 seconds behind the Single server)

The Pre-Migration server's debug reports this all day long:

Start Poll
^^^Polled server (Reference/Single Reference)
offset.h = 00000008 offset.l = E66A1639
Uniform Adjustment Requested: +8900 Milliseconds
This server is configured as a SECONDARY

Th adjustment varies between 8800 and 8900. When I manually set time, it may go down to less than 0936 for a moment, before going back into the 8000's.

Any ideas?