We use Groupwise 8 HP2 on SLES 10sp2 and a windows client (also 8 hp2)

We use a certain Groupwise account to hold large address books and share them among all of our 250 users. This way we can seemlessly update the address book from a text file for say, all student addresses, and publish it to all users.

Lately making any sharing changes to these address books causing the Address Book to crash.

You can open Sharing, click Add User, Click OK, but when you get the prompt for the message its going to send to that user to announce sharing/deleting - when you click OK it crashes. This happens for any of our pre-existing address books. New shared Address books work fine.

It seems that deleting the address books and recreating them will probably fix the issue, but its painful to think of having to do that for all our books for all 250 employees.

I've run a gw fix on the account and nothing has changed.

Thanks for any input.