Oh, what a horrible Migration.

First, you have to handle more problems around Administration/JAVA problems than with GroupWise.
ConsoleOne won't start on Linux because of missing libraries (gwadj2 problem).
After solving this, ConsoleOne starts with a white screen but no eDir or GW information. Deleting of ~/.consoleone directory helps in most cases.
ConsoleOne hangs when logging in to eDir; you first have to select a tree or cancel this on and log in to the tree explicitly.
After all this doing you can choose the GW domain an graft it without any problems to your new eDirectory. GroupWise works fine at this point.
Second: if you forget to dbcopy -m ! (information found in knowledgebase) then next you will fail is CASE on Linux when checking the GroupWise databases.

When all this is done - ConsoleOne problem at every C1 start !! - you will get working gwmta and gwpoa., fine. gwmta udates to 8.0 smoothly, gwpoa isn't working yet.

Another fault you notice is in the GUI screens of gwmta, gwpoa. These are not UNICODE enabled when installing in other languages than Enlish. Your screens look horrible when the first national character appears it stops the whole output, not mentioning there could be an CR/LF in this line. So the information you get is useless.

Of course you can solve the most issues with support from Novell but this isn't a smart migration or update. Did you forget that there are other nations than America?