As proactive as I am :)~ , I've just run Novell's Support Advisor against a couple of OES2 servers..

Although the servers are running fine I'm getting the critical warning that the kernel has been marked tainted.

Grepping /var/log/messages for messages containing the word tainted return:

... kernel: nsslnxlib: no version for "mpkPageAlloc" found: kernel tainted.

The server is running SLES 10 sp2 with OES2 sp1 and is fully patched. Also, it's running as VM on Xen. Looking at the Online Updates the systems have got the newest kernel & nss modules installed.

Searching Google it's stated that it's possible memory leaks, lockups or other issues could spring from a tainted kernel.
Anyone know if the tainted status is normal in this case (like can be with use of certain drivers) or should be fixed one way or other?

Curious... again, servers are running fine but it would be good to know more about this.