Every year we delete and recreate our students with new accounts and home folders. This year I would like to consolidate all of our students onto our san. Our setup is as follows. We have a dell blade solution running vmware 3.5 with vmotion etc.. This is connected to an equalogic iscsi san. We have two sans, one with SAS and one with SATA. Both have a fair amount of room. I am looking for the best solution to start our linux storage conversion. Seeing as these will be new home directories, there will not need to be any migration. So my questions are these. What is the best setup in vmware with a san? Do I create a linux cluster? If so, how do I mount the storage partition? Should I use a shared vmware partition? Or should I use a shared iscsi partition? We will have about 2000 student users. Now many of these are not heavy users. In fact in previous years we have limited our stuydents to only 50mb of space. That may increase, but maybe only by double. AS we look forward down the road, I expect that we will start to migrate our staff (of only about 600) to linux nss. Should I create a separate cluster for them? Or should I try and run everything from one cluster (if I should use clusters). I would love to hear your opinons and experiences. I am fairly familiar with linux in general and have a ton of netware experience, and have strated to migrate other services to linux already. I just want to make sure that our bread and butter is done right.