I see a bunch of different posts similar to my problem but none of those solutions are working for me.

I just installed a new SLES10 sp2 OES 2 sp1 computer and the OES2 sp1 updated channel is missing. The server is registered. I have followed TID 3150078 3 times. Every time, 'rug ca' shows only the SLES channels and not the OES channel.
rug sub OES2-SP1-Updates says that the catalog is not valid.
doing /usr/lib64/zmd/query-pool products does show SLES and OES as installed.

I installed the server twice now. The second time I did a straight SLES install, updated and then installed OES2 sp1 (add-on) without checking any OES services to install. 'Rug ca' did show the OES channel then, but no updates. So I installed Iprint and the OES channel disappeared and no updates...
Also, the new Support Advisor tool says the server needs to be upgraded to edir8.8sp5! :)

Thanks for any help!