I am running a Hot Brick LB-2 Dual WAN router with load balancing
capabilites. The two internet connections are a T1 and a 3Mb wireless
DSL. The 3Mb DSL used to be our primary ISP before we got the router.
Now we are going to use the T1 as primary and the wireless as a
secondary. Eventhough I have set the router to use the T1 at 95% all
traffic seems to be going through the secondary side. Is there something
set in Border Manager that I forgot about that tells all out bound
traffic to use the IP addresses of the DSL?

We have not swtiched the domain name IP's or the GWIA information yet so
that is still linked to the DSL side but will that really throw the stats
off? Our web site and FTP site are not that popular as far as I can tell.

Just wondering,