I've got a few items that I could use some advice or help on.

1) Client wants to be able to generate a listing of the users using GW8, is this only done via the Address Book or can it be done with a snapin in ConsoleOne?

2) Novell is saying we are using more licenses than we have in GroupWise. I can understand why they are saying this in that as long as a username exist it is considered as a GW user. What the procedure here is when a user leaves the company we are to keep their GW account active until there are no more e-mails coming in (it's an accounting firm). When the e-mails has stopped coming in we delete the users account. This said, since there are never any outgoing mail from the departed users account (only incoming) does this consistutes a license (full or otherwise)?

3) If #2 is yes, it is considered a license use? is there a way to configure the system to accept incoming mail for a departed user to redirect to another user mailbox and highlight or mark the incoming as that of the departed user so the new recipient will know its mail from the departed user client?

4) From what I've read it seems that there are several files associated with a user mailbox. If I need to take a snapshot or a copy of the departed user mailbox is it only the file in the ofuser folder I need to copy or are there other files.
From the reading of various documents it appears that the only way to do this is to copy the entire GW PO structure and if I need to restore that mailbox I have to restore the entire structure. I'm sure I'm reading this wrong.

5) Lastly, can I archive or store the departed users mailbox in a folder offline or nearline so if the manager of the departed user needs to review an email sent a year ago they can point GWC to it and open that mailbox for viewing? Also can the file be renamed to something more understandable other than the code that GW uses?