We use alot of mailto links on our school intranet, we also have a mixture of Windows, Mac and some Linux clients. The mailto links are usually for class groups and therefor have multiple recipients. These class lists are automatically generated using the standard format i.e: addresses separated by a comma.

In the past, on the Mac & Linux machines, staff have had to cut and paste the list from the web page into either the Mac/Linux client or into WebAccess. This has worked fine and the message sends OK. (Not ideal, but it works)

We upgraded to GW8 last week and this is no longer working. You copy and paste as before, and it looks correct but when you send, it only goes to the first address in the list.

If you cut and paste the address list into a text editor, then replace the commas with semi-colons then paste into WebAcc or Mac/Linux client, the message will send correctly. Changing the formatting to a non-standard format is not really the best way to go. Any ideas what's going on?


P.S: There is no problem with the Windows client.