I want to be able to use iPrint policies to distribute printers to

ZCM is on a Win2k3 server with AD.

iPrint is on a SLES10-3 server with eDirectory.

eDirectory has just the basics, a tree, an organisation, and a couple of
ou's for Printers, Servers and Users.

The Users container contains 1 user which grants LDAP read access to the
tree and also functions as the authentication source for the iprint
policy. This user also has all the necessary rights to the printers
container to be able to install the iprint printers to the workstations
and manage their print q's.

When I create a new iprint policy, zcm prompts me for the password for the
user in eDirectory I want to use, even though it populates the 'source
name' and 'user name' correctly. I even have setup a credential with the
same details, but this is not used.

Is there anyway of passing the password to the iPrint Policy internally
from the credentail rather than have it prompt for it each time we setup a
printer policy? I don't really want to hand out passwords for eDirectory
to the guys creating the printing policy.