I'm running stuck on a policy I'm trying to modify. We've had a home directory policy in place for a while which uses the root of a volume to create home directories on (ie FS1/HOME:userid ). I also have a couple of other policies that use sub-directories on that same volume without issue (ie FS1/HOME:GENERIC/userid & FS1/HOME:RESTRICTED/userid). I'm now trying to set up a vault component of the main policy to move home directories to the subdirectory VAULT on that same volume, but encountering the error: "User vault path conflicts with one or more User target paths".

I understand that there could possibly be a user that comes along that has the id VAULT that would cause an issue - but in our case we won't ever have that happen - so I'm wondering what the rub is here. I don't want to move their stuff to a different volume (speed/space reasons) so how can I make this work?

Using NSM 2.5 (Engine