I have been trying to image Acer Aspire Netbooks here (Model # D250-1185)

Upon zcm boot into the manual/maintainence mode (PXE or bootcd.iso) I get prompted for the network card I want to use. I am given two options (Atheros AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Exp and Attansic Ethernet controller). I have tried both to no avail. I would like to use the wired connection. If I choose the wired connection i get no interfaces except for lo. If I choose the wireless connection and put in the encryption info for our site I get a wlan0 interface but it never gets a DHCP/BOOTP address.

After scratching my head for a bit I figured I would ask if anyone else has an experience or pointers for how to get this working. We have about 300 of these for elementary classrooms that I would hate to not be able to image :(

Andy Martin
Network Administrator
Bryant School District
Bryant, AR