Here is what I've done twice so far, following what I think is the example
Craig setup for me. One tree, one O, most objects off the root of that, two
separate OU for each of our 2 BM servers, just to help keep things neat.

I've created a new OU underneath the O (named, e.g., backupBMrules20070130),
then copied and pasted all the BM access rules from their normal,
functioning location into the BorderManager Access Rules of my 'special' OU.
It asks me if I want to update all the servers, I say no, and that's the end
of it.

OK? I figure to keep one or two of these around; more than that seems
unnecessary. I've currently got the one I just did and one before that; if
I create another, I'll delete the oldest.

Is there a way to back this stuff up to a file?

Is there a way to restore/import from a file if needed?

We are currently trying to get LinkWall to run in Allow mode, but until that
is up and running, we've got list of web sites that users can visit directly
in NDS via a bunch of Alllow rules and it changes every few days as we add
something else.

Thanks in advance.