Help! Having problems with mapping & rights after using Server Consolidation & Migration Toolkit 1.2 on NW6.0sp5 network to move volume data to a new server.

Last week I added a new Novell 6.0sp5 server to my existing Network (all 6.0sp5 servers), to provide much-needed additional file storage for users. However, after using the Server Consolidation Toolkit 1.2 to move all the data from existing Server1/vol1: to Newserver/vol1: (traditional vols), I am having erratic results when some users log in.

Additionally, the server1/vol2 holds Groupwise, which also needed more space, so after moving the vol1 data to the new server, I deleted the Server1/vol1: and expanded vol2 to encompass the additional space.

At no time did I get any errors or unexpected behavior. Ran DSREPAIR on all servers before & after. All files and all rights got transferred by the toolkit correctly, based on careful spot checking of rights and effective rights.

Container login scripts were edited to map M: to Newserver/vol1: instead of Server1/Vol1:. However, some user's mapping is not successfully created at login, but is created if they attempt to login again via the red N in the tray.

Some users get errors indicating a rights issue when trying to save a file into their vol1:users directory, even though effective rights indicate they have full rights. There is no clear pattern. Reinstalling client doesn't seem to work. Rebooted all servers on network, ran DSREPAIR again on all servers.

All users are running Windows XP Pro, latest SP and critical updates, with Novell clients 4.91sp5, and in a few cases sp2. No correlation. Upgrading 4.91sp2 to 4.91sp5 has no impact.

Any ideas what this could be or how to troubleshoot further? There just doesn't seem to be any problem detectable server-side.