Hi There -
A couple months ago our border 3.7 server crashed. I was able to get a
temp server up and running while our execs fought about purchasing much
needed hardware and upgrades. So.. Now I have my new server, with my
6.5sp6 installed and starting to install my newly purchased 3.8 (which I
have been running flawlessly on my temp server under a trial version) BM
and realized that I can not find my original BM licenses. I thought I
would receive a lic with my newly purchased 3.8, but all I got was a
peice of paper stating keep this in a safe place it proves you purchased
the upgrade. The BM licenses still show up in the tree, but that doesn't
help me with the install or can I install under the trial license and
then point it to the existing licenses under the tree?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Since I have software assurance
on this product could I ask Novell for a lic file?