I'm getting a Zenlite.dll error when I'm trying to modify an existing txt
file. I've tried all the clients from ir3a hp1 to ir4, with the same error;
workstations are win xp sp3 with nwclient 4.91 sp4. The application is
associated to the workstation, marked as force run and all it does is add a
line of text to the end of the file. The error I get is

szAppName : NALNTSRV.EXE szAppVer : szModName : ZenLite.dll

szModVer : offset : 000c4054

The txt file is C:\Orawin95\ORAINST\nt.rgs, and the lines of txt are rather
long and the file is 20kb. If the file does not exist it works fine. Also,
if I delete a lot of text in the file it also works. So is there some sort
of limit I'm reaching? Or perhaps a buffer overrun? Anyone else seen this

Any help would be appreciated?