Hello all, just switched over to ZCM 10.2 from ZFD7. I work in a school environment. Last year I had the students on dynamic local users (volatile) and it worked out great. Testing now with 10.2 and am running into the following problem:

When student A logs in for the first time everything goes through just fine. It creates a windows user account and all is well. When student A logs off, student B can then login to the same machine with no issues. However, when student B logs off, and student A tries to log back in, a second login window pops up asking for the windows username and password and Student B's username will show up in the username field.

I tested this with the volatile user cache turned on and then off and had the same issue both ways.

I'm hoping there's a simple reg key that can hopefully fix this problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Windows XP SP3
Client: Novell Client 4.91 SP5
Server: ZCM 10.2