Just now, after playing around with Linkwall and my access rules on our
backup BM server, I got the message:

Unable to update server <server_name>. [-3]

I realize I do not have the proxy loaded on that server - is that the reason
why? I'm trying to work out the test environment and thought it wasn't OK
to have the proxy loaded on more than one box in our tree. If it matters,
our proxy.nlm is renamed proxy1.nlm to prevent it from autoloading when we
don't want it to.

TIA for advice on what to do next? Is there a way to actually load the
proxy without it messing up people using the other BM server for their
internet access. Switching BM servers is accomplished by loading the
secondary IP x.x.x.1 on the box we want to be the BM server, then loading
proxy1.nlm on that box - at least that's how it works now.

Again, TIA.