I have some question which are not clear to me:

1.) I installed a Novell NW6.5 SP6 server and added BM3.8 with SP5. This
server has three NICs. One is PUBLIC with some public IP-addresses, the
second is PRIVATE with a IP-address of my private LAN and the third is DMZ
with an IP-address of another class C net (e.g., which is
different from the LAN address). I installed BM with all these three NICs.
What are the standard exceptions between the DMZ and the LAN side?

2.) I want to place a webserver (Novell Linux Enterprise Server) into my DMZ
so I gave him the IP-address e. g. One public IP-address of
the BM is NATed to the IP-adress of my webserver. Is this correct so far?

3.) What do I have to do to reach my webserver from my LAN e. g. if users
want to go to our website. My DHCP / DNS server is placed in my LAN. Do I
have to set up a new zone in the DNS and add here the names of the servers
in my DMZ?

Thanks for your answers and suggestions.