I've installed the SR5 beta for Windows 2008 on a Windows 2008 domain controller. The services are running with little to no errors, however attempting to open the NSMAdmin will display the error:
"Your are not running the .NET run time version 1.1 SP1."

Followed by:
"The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. Inaccessible logs: Security."

I've verified that the .NET is installed and below are the file details for MSCORLIB.DLL:

Type: Application Extension
File Version: 2.0.50727.3074
Product Name: Microsoft .NET Framework
Product Version: 2.0.50727.3074
Size: 4.33 MB
Date Modified: 10/13/2008 5:26 PM

This is installed on a new 2008 DC in our development domain where only one other controller (W2k3) has Storage Manager installed but I have stopped both the Sentinel and Engine services.

Thoughts or ideas?

ps- Yes, there is an 'r' at the end of the word 'You' in the error message.