Hi all.

We've got some Lenovo T61P laptops, which have built in wireless cards.

Using the imaging kernel "initrd" which comes with ZCM10.2 these laptops boot up into the imaging engine normally.

I'm just testing the updated "initrd" that comes with the June09 update, and it now appears to have the driver for the built in wireless card, so during the boot up into the imaging engine, i get a "Linuxrc" window appear, and it prompts me to select the network device.

Either "eth0 : Lenovo ThinkPad T61" or "wlan0 : Intel Lenovo ThinkPad T51"

So obviously it can now detect my wireless card. If i select "eth0" it boots normally, but the issue here is that if we want to auto-image workstations, they won't boot up automatically, someone is going to have to select the "eth0" device.

Anyway to auto-default to "eth0"?