Hi everyone.

I just finished installing NOWS SBE 2 on a HP Proliant ML 115 AMD 64Bit Opteron, and so far everything got installed, I mean pieces from the Suite, and is running.

I tried to set up Novell DNS/DHCP and found myself without DHCP Locator Objects and Scope Settings. I'm 100% sure I selected them during Install...My first thought was: Schema was not extended correctly. I ran a tool in iManager to extend the schema and add those missing classes. No luck.

Second, I removed from YAST, patterns, Novell DNS/DHCP only, and SLES automatically removed dhcp and dns from SLES. Reboot and Reinstalled Novell DNS/DHCP, and YAST automatically selects SLES DHCP and DNS Server, but still I'm facing Scope Settings are missing.

Does anyone have an idea on where to look to fix this or how to extend schema to add these objects. I'm thinking through LDAP. Could I use traditional Windows Based Console to kick off the configuration and then hand it over to iManager.?

Thanks in advanced.