Is it possible to create my own value in the Zenworks Image Safe Data? I would like to create my own language value!

I have a fully automated imaging script that automatically selects add-on driver image etc. This works perfectly in a "pure" english environment.

Right now I am working on a script in a mixed environment with both danish and english images. I can't figure out how I should select the danish or english image. I know that I can prompt the user in the script (something like this):

echo -e -n "\033[10;15H Select language (type da for Danish, en for English: "
read myLangVar
But then the script no longer runs fully automated. So I think a solution would be to create my own language value in the Image Safe Data and test for that value in my script. How can I accomplish that?

Or is there another way to figure out which language to select?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Anders