I have recently setup a NW6.5sp6 server and all is well. I have installed
BorderManager 3.8 Eval version on it and sp5 updates and installed the

We have a copy of BorderManager 3.6 enterprise and I purchased an upgrade
to 3.8 with more users. On Novell's order screen it only shows a
certicate of use license etc for the the BM3.8 to the company but no
option to download the media.

I still have the bordermanager 3.6 license disk on hand. Do I use this
disk with the BM3.8 eval ?. Looking in NWADMIN it seems to have all
the .nlf's etc for VPN etc on the floppy.

(Thinking about it I could probably of used the licenses on the floppy
when doing the 3.8 install!....)

Is it better to install BM3.6 first and the licenses and then upgrade it
to BM3.8 ?

Any help/advice appreciatted. Better to know for sure than waste hours
installing and setting up then re-doing it all again!