I'm still trying to grasp the changes that come with migrating from Netware to OESLinux. Right now I have a Netware65sp8 server with a SYS volume and a data volume named VOL1. After transfer ID-ing this server to an OES2SP1-Linux server, how will those volumes look according to the new server / or where is that data placed / or how does that work in general.

Also, for me, the documentation is overwhelming about setting up the initial disk partitions as Im trying to install my target server as a pre-migration server. It talks of LVM versus EVMS, NSS and Pools, etc. This is all confusing, and Im not sure how to setup my target server, as I want to make sure my server migration works and all my data is moved happily. Are there any TIDs or webpages that outline this nicely, explain how to config the initial disk partitions on my pre-mig target server?