Hi, I installed ZCM 10.1 onto SLES 10 sp1. I then progressively did updates thru ZCC so I'm now at v 10.1.2a (assuming “Baselined" means "Installed")... I applied progressive updates as I didn’t want to assume I could just skip over the incremental updates.

In ZCC if I browse to this server (itself, my only ZCM server), by going to ZCC from it's own local Firefox browser to Devices, Servers, (servername), Zenworks Agent Status says: Unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name

The Message Log at the bottom of this screen says: The agent was unable to open the quick task port in the device firewall. The ZENworks server may be unable to contact the agent.

In /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/loader-messages log, this message exists: only directly assigned devices will receive this update until the update is assigned to the System Update stages

Through the System Updates tab, when I try to apply Zen 10.2 (I did “now” versus scheduled), it adds it under "Deploying System Updates" section showing it as Stage: Selected Devices Stage, with Pending showing "1". Nothing progresses, so I click Action, Start Pending Stage, where I get "Unable to advance to Next Stage. In order to advance to next stage, the update must be in a 'Stage Pending' Status. Please recheck the status and try again"

Some points I'll make: My SLES is not sp2 level since when I installed this zcm10.1 server I had read back then that it wasn't compat w/SLES10sp2. I kind of doubt that's an issue though. Also, during the original install, it had bombed out with an error ConfigureAction failed!: /bin/su: user zenworks does not exist” (see my earlier post on that, which I guess no one had ideas on…. (http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...-not-exis.html) Not having any info on that error, I created this user account manually. He exists in groups “casaauth,dialout, video,zmanusers,users,root,zenworks”

I've searched for posts, but found nothing matching my specific circumstances. And I had opened the scads of firewall ports the documentation listed, including 7628, which someone in forums mentioned for one error. I even turned the SUSE firewall off, but noticed no changes.