I have one user (that I am aware of) that is able to log into her computer in the morning. However, once logged in, anytime computer locks, she has to switch from eDirectory to Windows. If she tries to authenticate against eDirectory, she gets a -1497 error.

The steps we have taken to troubleshoot this include:

Resetting the password (through the user application)
Logging into a separate machine (the problem follows the user)
Have a different user log into the same machine (problem does not occur)
Reinstall the Novell Client (did not help)

The error would seem to indicate a NICI problem, but a reinstall should resolve that and it would be consistant across users. The other possibility is some sort of password corruption, but why would she be able to login in the first place? Does an initial login use a different password from logging in after a lock (ie. UP vs. NDS)?