I am in the process of bundling multiple applications and have questions on the best way to create bundles in relation to the overall amount of storage utilized and ease of access to the original files for reconfiguring.

For example lets say that I have one .msi with multiple configurations (.mst). If I create a direct .msi bundle on the server and upload the .msi, it looks as if I need to upload the .msi for each configuration or bundle that I create. Is ZCM smart enough to realize that this .msi is the same file so that it is not duplicated on the server?

The other issue I have it the ease of use to obtain files from the ZCM server for editing. It doesn't look like there is any way to bring the original uploaded files back down from the server after they have been uploaded and hashed. This would mean that I would have to keep these files available on another share somewhere in the instance that I wish modify them for upload to the ZCM server again. Again, this is a misuse of storage resources.

The other option I would have would be to have all applications and files utilize a samba share. This method would provide there best utilization of storage; however, it adds additional complexities relating to security and means that not only does the application server have to have access to the samba share, so does the workstation that would be recieving the application bundle.

Please let me know if I am looking at things incorrectly here or if you have any recommendation on setting up ZCM for the best overall utilization of storage as well as ease of access to the file for the purpose of editing or reconfiguring.

Thank you,
Michael Wolf