cluster-<Warning>-<12020>: This node is not a member of cluster CL02

Had a big brain**** and didn't unload cluster service before trying to upgrade network driver, was in a hurry to fix backup issues. Next reboot it couldn't access the network, something was different in autoexec so I removed it back to normal and rebooted the server with old network driver and it loads correctly until it is supposed to join the cluster. Also it crashed 2 times when it could not reach the network. Now it is greets me with 2 warnings as shown above

Cluster join gives this result:
SBD has reported a fatal error. 12038.

SBD view show all:
Node1: Node2:
Cluster (sbd) partition on Cluster (sbd) partition on
Signature =SBD* =SBD*
Nodenumber = 0 = 1
Heartbeat = 01152331 =00608064
Nodestate= LIVE =LEFT
EXT Nodestate = =
GroupEpoch=40 =39
Sbdlock= LOCK =UNLK
Nodebitmask=00000001 =00000003

So the question is what to do now? Repair from iManager, or remove and reinstall node, or ... any suggestions would be super.